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About Your Chamber


As the leading Siouxland area business advocate, the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce represents its membership by promoting the economic welfare and quality of life for the tri-state region.


Since 1872 the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce has been working for the Siouxland business community.

  • November 21, 1872 - A public meeting was called by Sioux City Mayor George W. Kingsnorth. The purpose of the meeting was to form a citizens' association. Prominent speakers appeared at this meeting and discussed the advantages of Sioux City as a location for manufacturers and encouraged efforts be made to entice more manufacturers in coming to Sioux City.
  • December 9, 1872 - A petition was turned in and signed by 213 businesses (nearly all businesses in Sioux City at that time), pledging their support to the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce. The purpose of the organization would be to "advance the commercial and manufacturing interest of Sioux City and to promote its general prosperity."
  • January 10, 1873 - The first officers and directors for the Sioux City Chamber of Commerce were elected. J.C. Flint was the first president. The original site of the chamber office was a wagon shop owned by Joseph Trudell.
  • 1885 - A movement was started for the building of an opera house.
  • March 1886 - The Chamber was incorporated with a capital investment of $50,000. The focus would now be the building of a Chamber office and opera house combined. The building would be known as the Peavey Grad Opera House and it would be built at the corner of Fourth & Jones Street (currently the neighborhood of the Sioux City Convention Center). The Chamber offices were housed here until the early 1900s.

The Chamber offices jumped around to different locations over the next several decades. After leaving the Opera House, several years were spent at 414-416 5th St. (Goosmann Law is currently at 410 5th St.), then:

  • 1920 - 4th floor of Commerce Building
  • 1938 - 3rd floor of Commerce Building
  • 1944 - 12th floor of Badgerow Building
  • 1958 - Sheraton Warrior Hotel
  • 1963 - Commerce Building
  • 1969 - Building at 101 Pierce was erected
  • 2019 - Reopened at 101 Pierce after renovations

While the location of the office has changed, the work being done to promote and support the Siouxland business community has not. Here is an excerpt from the 1954 Chamber Annual Report, "There's not a day in the Chamber of Commerce calendar that is not crowded with an array of activities, all of which have a bearing on business in this territory. The day-to-day grind includes answering inquiries - many requesting specific information concerning Sioux City business firms, employment, manufacturers, real estate, housing, and so on."

The Siouxland Chamber Board of Directors, Staff, and Ambassadors are proud to represent our member businesses and organizations. We look forward to doing so for the next 150 years and beyond.

*Sources: Sioux City Spirit of Progress Volume 1, 1921 and Sioux City Journal 7/25/1954